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Dear Dreamer, 

Last year I started working on a project that would be a free, fun, and functional insider guide to my book catalog. I wanted you to have a way to learn more about your favorite characters, figure out how they're connected and which books they belong to. I start with a very simple suggested reading guide, but then take a deep dive into each book and its main characters. 

Characters are after all, where all my stories begin. I hope this will help you visualize as well as contextualize the people who occupy the imaginary world I've built.  I've also created a free ebook that I'll update as needed so it's always current/ I will have it up on all ebook retailers but for now, you can download it here. It will ask you to sign up for my newsletter, but I think it's a steal.

Everything on these pages (and MORE!) will be on your kindle whenever you want or need it!


Click on the character cards below to visit their page!

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